From delayed reactive medical services to evidence-based Predictive, Preventive & Personalised Medicine.

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The EPMA has developed as a key part of the European Association for Predictive, Preventive & Personalised Medicine through supplying good quality, relevant information and services to our members. If you join as a Full Member of the EPMA you can secure these 11 benefits for your research and daily business:

  1. Improve your scientific and market knowledge through access to unique medical, industrial and academic information using our regular meetings, workshops and publications;
  2. Improve your scientific development through access to outstanding R&D programme;
  3. Save money by receiving substantial discounts on attending and exhibiting at the leading 'EPMA' conferences;
  4. Obtain unique international access to government via our Lobbying of the EU on key issues e.g. the new medical and diagnostic policy etc.;
  5. Promote your understanding through free advertising via an entry in the EPMA homepage index on the EPMA website;
  6. Keep updated on medicine and diagnostic news and technical developments through the EPMA News service, the international EPMA Journal (Springer) and the EPMA-related newsletters by the associated/cooperating European and international institutions - all free to members;
  7. Develop your high level Networking opportunities through EPMA-related granting activities, working groups, scientific seminar and general assembly;
  8. Measure your competitiveness by joining the EPMA worldwide programmes;
  9. Achieve higher quality through international standards development and information on healthcare and personalised medicine;
  10. Develop the market for your products by supporting the promotion of PPPM-related technology via exhibitions and web-based information;
  11. Make use of the special offer by 'International Institute of Anticancer Research': a 50% discount on the personal online subscription rates of the international journals: 'In Vivo', 'Anticancer Research' and 'Cancer Genomics & Proteomics'.
EPMA has the coordinating MISSION of the European-Network in Predictive, Preventive & Personalised Medicine. The EPMA-Network is open for issue-related cooperation worldwide. 


Remember this is your chance to be part of the key in Predictive, Preventive and Personalised Medicine Network! If you decide to contribute to the important mission of EPMA with your expertise and active participation, EPMA welcomes you with the great pleasure. For your membership in the Association, please, complete the following forms (PDF) and send it by fax to the EPMA-office.

For the members with medical expertise, the Association offers the combined memberships in EPMA and EMA (European Medical Association), since both Associations are actively collaborate with each other: the membership fee remains unchanged!