From delayed reactive medical services to evidence-based Predictive, Preventive & Personalised Medicine.

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EPMA Young Professionals Section


The objectives of the "European Association for Predictive, Preventive and Personalised Medicine - Young Professionals Section" are:


  • Introduce young researchers and clinicial to the field of Predictive and Personalised Medicine;
  • To educate students about the main principals of PPPM (in order to help medical schools);
  • As the official branch of young researchers and clinician in EPMA, to play an advisory role for PPPM-related international and national projects;
  • To promote initiation of the primary research projects, within the frame of EPMA’s PPPM strategy;
  • To create an international network of young scientists, medical undergraduate and postgraduate students and representatives of other health/life science specialties. This network would help facilitate the global remodelling of medicine for future generations, with reference to the PPPM framework ;
  • To devise a basis for effectively introducing new PPPM members into the field of PPPM at the international level;
  • To promote collaborations between young scientists and other (medical and healthrelated)
    representatives globally as a crucial step for successful partnerships between Universities, research laboratories and Pharma and Techological companies;
  • To publicise the concept of PPPM by utilising different internet resources and other
    types of mass media;
  • To enable young researchers to partake t in the discussion of problems associated with
    implementing aspects of PPPM (both fundamental and clinical application)
  • The final goal of EPMA-YPS is to recruit and educate of future young professionals
    interested in disseminating the concept of PPPM.


In fulfilling these objectives, the EPMA-YPS shall be guided by the established sociocultural
and ethical principles of the international medical profession.


Download the EPMA Young Professionals Section Statutes.