•    1st EPMA-Workshop (Brussels, Nov. 2008)

Abstracts: in vivo 23: 491-504 (2009)

•    EPMA-Presentation at the NIH (Washington, March 2009)

•    EPMA –Presentation at the “Day of Laboratory Diagnostics” (Ruzomberok, April 2009)

•    EPMA-Presentation at EURO-MedLab (Innsbruck, May 2009)

•    1st EPMA / CARS-Workshop (Berlin, June 2009)

•    EPMA-Symposium at the 11th ICAAP (Vienna, August 2009)
Abstracts Symposium "Clinical proteomics in early and predictive diagnosis"

•    EPMA-Presentation at the “World Congress” (Munich, Sept. 2009)
Keynote Speakers
"Early diagnosis is oft not early enough..."

•    EPMA-Presentation at 42nd Congress of DGTI (Rostock, Sept. 2009)

•    EPMA-Presentation at PreMed 2009 (Lisbon, Sept. 2009)
Memorandum of Understanding between EPMA and EUSPM

•    EPMA-Presentation at “4. Dresdner Symposium” (Personalisierte Medizin & Informationstechnologie, Dresdner, Sept. 2009)
Press Release

•    2nd EPMA-Workshop (Brussels, Nov. 2009)
Personalised Medicine is currently a highly popular slogan, however, with different interpretations and sometimes even exploitation. Thus, the innovative technologies of predictive medicine can be potentially utilised for both positive (improved healthcare) and negative (e.g. total commercialisation of health) purposes. Therefore, there is an absolute necessity in coordinated measures among professionals and politicians to control the current development in this particular field. These coordinated measures should be focussed on solving the accumulating problems in healthcare and the increasing, concomitant economical burden that societies face across the globe. The "European Association for Predictive, Preventive & Personalised Medicine" develops much effort to carry out the mission of the scientific European Coordinator in this field with consequent networking around the world.

2nd EPMA-Workshop was a strategical meeting to discuss and plan the European and global PPPM-related networking, cooperation with global organisation such as UNO and WHO, conceptual development of the international EPMA-Journal (Springer), organisation of the "EPMA-World Congress 2011" and worlwide creation the chain of the innovative Medical Centres for predictive diagnostics and personalised patient treatment.

Final programme

•    EPMA-Presentation at “ISFN” (Eilat, November 22-24, 2009)

•    EPMA-Presentation at the United Nations & WHO (Geneva, December 8, 2009)

•    EPMA-Presentation at the World Health Organisation (Geneva, December 8, 2009)

•    2nd EPMA / CARS-Workshop (Geneva, June 23-26, 2010)

•    EPMA / Haifa Health Summit (Haifa, October 10, 2010)


•    1st EPMA-World Congress / General Assembly (Bonn, September 2011)