Education and Prevention

Education is one of the central activities of EPMA. The Association recognises the necessity for high quality educational programmes adapted to three main levels:

Ø    Patients
Ø    Students of related fields
Ø    Professionals in Predictive, Preventive & Personalised Medicine

Please, consider the current level of your knowledge and make good use of important information which the Association is providing you with to update about successful educational programs and materials including didactic ones through which you can effectively learn more about approved innovative approaches in PPPM, the advanced predictive diagnostic technologies, targeted preventive measures and personalised patients’ treatment.

Conventional medicine and new branches of biomedicine are currently challenging many issue-related questions: Should molecular diagnostic approaches be considered complementary or substitutive measures to conventional approaches? How reliable are biomarkers for any given pathology? How to distinguish between the highly predictive power of innovation and quackery in diagnostics? How to overcome currently well-recognisable (inter)national barriers in knowledge transfer? How to correctly educate the new generation of experts in predictive, preventive and personalised medicine?

A partial list of reader-groups who can especially benefit from the information provided by the Association is as follows:
-    students and professionals in conventional and molecular diagnostics, biomedicine, biotechnologies, ethics, and economics
-    universities, research units, private and public hospitals
-    patients and their family members
-    scientific journals as well as public journals with medical sections
-    international associations with healthcare-oriented scientific, research and public health-related activities/responsibilities
-    political organisations and authorities active in the healthcare sector
-    healthcare industry including policy-makers.