Structure of EPMA


The Association is clearly structured in order to reach the possibly best coordination of the PPPM-related multifaceted activities over the whole Europe: there are National Representatives in all 27 Country-members of the European Union and the Associated-Countries (e.g. Israel, Serbia, etc.).
The group of the National Representatives is the key-element in the structure of the Association which consolidates and coordinates the EPMA-related activities at the national level closely working with all PPPM-related national institutions, units and groups such as Federations of Patients, Universities, research units, state and private hospitals, industrial groups, political representatives, insurance, etc. The group of National Representatives considers the problems which EPMA challenges in realisation its objectives in single national health care systems. These problems are than reported to the central organs of EPMA in Brussels.

The solutions for the reported PPPM-related problems as well as consolidated concepts of innovative European and international projects, which EPMA represents for their consideration at the EU-Commission and the European Parliament, are worked out by the consortium of the world-leading professionals (Europe-unrestricted) divided between two closely cooperating with each other “Advisory Boards” of EPMA – the Academic and Industrial ones. The central organs of EPMA are leaded by the “Board of Directors”.