Board of Directors

Board of Directors is constant for the Association and consists of:

  • Vincenzo Costigliola (Brussels, Belgium) – President
  • Olga Golubnitschaja (University of Bonn, Germany / Brussels, Belgium) – Secretary-General
  • Silvia Mandel (“Technion”, Haifa, Israel) –  Vice-President responsible for Associated Countries and contacts apart from Europe
  • Kurt Krapfenbauer (University of Vienna, Austria) – Vice-President responsible for European Affairs
  • Marko Kapalla (Negentropic Systems, Slovakia) – Director responsible for contacts with Industry
  • Peter Gahan (King’s College, London, UK) – Director responsible for Education
  • Heinz Lemke (University of Leipzig, Germany) – Director responsible for Innovative Technologies
  • Ondrej Topolcan (Department of Nuclear Medicine, Medical Faculty, Charles University, Pilsen, Czech Republic) –  Director responsible for Publicity
  • Maurizio Ferrari (Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Milan, Italy) - Director responsible for Laboratory Medicine

Founder-Members of Directorate

The very first EPMA-event on November 13th, 2008: The juristic protocol has been signed - the Association is born now.

From right to left

First line: Vincenzo Costigliola (President), Olga Golubnitschaja (Secretary-General)
Second line: Kurt Krapfenbauer (Vice-President responsible for European Affairs), Marko Kapalla (Director responsible for contacts with industry), Silvia Mandel (Vice-President responsible for Associated countries and contacts apart from Europe)