Academic Advisory Board

The professionals are strictly selected for the membership in the Board according to the excellence of worldwide well-acknowledged issue-related expertise.


Current members of the Academic Advisory Board:

Iris Grossman -  Representative of Pharmacogenetics, Professional Information

Martin Hadder - Representative of German Federation of Diabetics, Department NRW, Professional Information 

Michael Legg - Respresentative of Bioinformatics, Professional Information

Halina Podbielska - Representative of Biomedical Engineering, Professional Information

Martijn Roelandse - Representative of Academic Press

Niva Shapira - Representative of Individualised Nutrition in PPPM, Professional Information

Hermona Soreq -  Representative of Prediction and Prevention in Neurodegenerative Disorders, Professional Information

Walter Stahel - Representative of European Group of Risk and Insurance Economists, Geneva Association, Professional Information

J├╝rgen Walkenhorst - Representative of Knowledge-Transfer Branch, Professional Information

Kristina Yeghiazaryan - Representative of Predictive Medicine, Professional Information